Oct 11 Monthly Dinner: Dr Bert Kelling: How His Orthodontic Practice Changed After He Became a Christian


Dr Kelling is a successful orthodontist practicing in Raleigh. About 15 years ago, something changed. Dr Kelling had an encounter with Jesus Christ. Dr Kelling will explain how it impacted his practice. Click on Continue Reading to review his biography.

TCMF monthly dinner meetings are casual, informal gatherings where all Triangle area healthcare professionals, students, residents and fellows can come for a time of fellowship, inspiration and sharing. Dinner is provided. Spouses and friends are welcome. No RSVP necessary.

These dinners always take place at:

Saturday Evenings
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
   549 Erwin Road
        Durham, NC 27707
      Link to directions

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Pastor Paul Gerritson’s Letter of Information and Encouragement 8/5/2014



Spiritual History:  Why Take One? From various conversations with Christian health care students and practitioners, I’ve observed we have an intellectual knowledge that we are salt and light, as Jesus declared.  However, many of us also have a low-grade sense of guilt because in our professional arenas we shy away from outright salting and lighting.  While there are many reasons why Christians shy away, I want to focus on just one this week to encourage you.  That reason is a mistaken belief that faith and/or spirituality (seeking someone or something sacred) has no place in medical ministry.  We have been professionally or culturally trained to accept that when a patient presents with a physical or mental need, the practitioner is acting out-of-scientific-bounds by introducing faith or spirituality into the care space. 

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